Moby-Dick on the Kathleen and May

The Kathleen and May is a wooden three-masted topsail schooner built in 1900 and the last survivor of its kind. The ship spent its working life plying the Irish sea and the coasts of Ireland and  Great Britain, and is now based in Liverpool. I am delighted to announce that the beginning and end of each day of our Moby-Dick marathon will take place on board. And here’s an odd little coincidence. From 1908 to 1931, the Kathleen and May  was based in Youghal (pronounced Yawl) in County Cork, Ireland, the very town that features in the harbour scenes of John Huston’s film adaptation of Moby-Dick.

Do you have pictures of this beautiful old ship? If so, why not add them to the Kathleen and May group on Flickr?


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