Provisional Programme for Maritime Lectures

In the weeks before and after the weekend of our marathon reading, there will be a series of accessible public lectures exploring Liverpool’s connection with Melville and Moby Dick, mythologies of whaling, whaling in Liverpool, and the whaling industry in Liverpool and the Northwest, and on whales and marine conservation. The programme is starting to shape up, so I thought I would share what we have so far:

Maritime Lectures 2013, Wednesdays 17, 24 April, 1, 8, 15, 22 May

At the Merseyside Maritime Museum, 4th floor lecture theatre, 1-2pm.

Provisional programme:

  • Dr Chris Routledge on Scoresby and Liverpool whaling, whaling and science etc.  April 17 Date confirmed.
  • Gavin Hunter (archivist at Port Sunlight) on the Harris Whaling Station bought by Lord Leverhulme to supply his soap works with whale oil. April 24 Date confirmed.
  • Melville, Moby Dick and Liverpool– impact & about the book; Melville’s connection to Liverpool. May 1 To be confirmed.
  • Mythology of whales and whaling, Innuits/Canadian first nations. N West coast mythology. Objects in museum. May 8 To be confirmed.
  • Dr Bernard Stonehouse (Scott Polar Institute, University of Cambridge). Liverpool and the establishment of whaling fleets. May 15 Date confirmed.
  • Whale/Marine Conservation. May 22 To be confirmed.

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